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Score and Tracy Fullerton to get GDC Awards respects

Markus "Score" Persson and Tracy Fullerton will be regarded with extraordinary honors at the current year's Game Developers Choice Awards. 

Persson, the maker of Minecraft (yet you definitely realized that) will be given the Pioneer Award (which was for reasons unknown once in the past known as the First Penguin Award), which "praises those people who built up a leap forward innovation, amusement idea, or gameplay plan at a urgent crossroads in computer game history—making ready for the bunches who tailed them." 

Fullerton, a partner educator and chief of the USC Games project, will get the Ambassador Award remembering her work helping diversions "development to a superior spot through promotion or activity." Her name isn't as in a flash conspicuous as Notch's, yet she has "assumed an instrumental part" at the Game Innovation Lab, where she was included in the production of recreations including Cloud, Flow, and The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom. 

They responded to the declaration on Twitter in somewhat distinctive ways:


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